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HeteroGenius - Company Overview

HeteroGenius Limited is a UK limited company (Company number 9114186) specialising in bespoke and off the shelf software solutions in Digital Pathology, Medical Image Analysis, Machine Learning and Data Mining. The company was founded in 2014 by Dr Derek Magee of the University of Leeds based on 20 years of experience in digital image analysis and machine learning, and has offices in Leeds (UK) and Cambridge (UK). The principal focus of the company is on Digital Pathology image management and Analysis. The main product produced by HeteroGenius is MIM (The Medical Image Manager), which is a Modular web-based software system for image management and analysis in Digital pathology and associated Radiology. The business model of HeteroGenius is to provide both off the shelf and custom functionality as Add-ons to MIM, in addition to paid for support. If you have specific image analysis and management requirements, get in touch via the contact form.

Why HeteroGenius?

Why HeteroGenius?

"HeteroGenius" refers to the heterogeneous nature of the systems that are used within digital pathology and other medical imaging applications. On one hand scanners from different manufacturers produce different file formats. MIM deals with most major file formats. On the other hand processing is performed on a range of computational hardware from desktop PCs and laptops running various operating systems (Windows, OSX, Linux), to cluster computers, to cloud systems such as Amazon EC2. HeteroGenius software aims to allow the user to make use of whatever hardware they have available, even if that is a mix of platforms, rather than constraining the user to a particular platform. While cloud computing has a place, existing local resources may be more cost effective. The flexibility and interoperability built into HeteroGenius software allows the user to specify the hardware.