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HeteroGenius MIM Pro

HeteroGenius Medical Image Manager Pro (aka "HG-MIM Pro") is a professionally supported paid for version of MIM. It bundles a number of additional features (Stereology, Reports Generation, Barcode reading) with a support contract. MIM-Basic is a basic licence that enables add-ons such as the 3D pathology add-on to be used without purchasing additional licences. See the table below for a feature comparison between HG-MIM Basic and HG-MIM Pro).

Feature HG-MIM Basic HG-MIM Pro
Web Based Image Viewer with support for most major formats (Aperio, Leica, Hamamatsu, Philips, Sakura, Trestle, Roche Ventana) Yes Yes
Web Based Virtual Filesystem (with user permissions and anonymous access) Yes Yes
Image Annotation Yes Yes
Image Metadata Tagging Yes Yes
Multi-image Viewer Yes Yes
Multiple Users With Authentication Yes
(Up to 5 User accounts)
(Unlimited User accounts)
Unlimited Anonymous Users Yes
Web Page Image Viewer Embedding Yes Yes
Ability to run Licenced Analysis Algorithms Yes Yes
Ability to run Unlicensed User Authored and Third Party Analysis Algorithms Yes
(Up to 5 algorithms may be installed at a time)
(Unlimited algorithms)
Report Generator No Yes
Stereology Functionality Included No Yes
Colour Analysis Methods Included
(Methods for colour based quantification, tissue identification and colour normalisation)
No Yes
Ability to use annotation grids to spatially summarise and visualise whole slide analysis results
(Grids functionality is compatible with 3D pathology add-on allowing summary grids to be visualised as volumes as well as images)
No Yes
Slide Barcode Reading No Yes
Ability to Link Multiple MIM instances for parallel computation No Yes