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HeteroGenius Medical Image Manager

Colour Analysis and Normalisation

Hetero<strong>Genius</strong> Stereology

Colour Analysis and Normalisation

The HG-MIM Colour Analysis Add-on (supplied free with HG-MIM Pro) facilitates colour based analysis for:

  • Automatic tissue annotation (with editable results)
  • Area and perimeter based quantification of whole slides or multiple sub-regions (e.g. annotated areas, or automatically generated regular grids)
  • Generatng overlay/derrived images based on Colour Normalisation and/or Colour processing methods.

The add on supports a Colour Normalisation plus processing chain that can consist of any of the following elements.

  • Colour Normalisation (various methods including Fluorescence microscopy specific methods)
  • Colour deconvolution (standard, hand specified, or estimated from annotated or un-annotated images)
  • Colour thresholding (hand specified, or estimated from annotated images)
  • Probabilistic models (estimated from annotated images)

Applications include:

  • IHC analysis
  • Collagen quantification
  • Special stain analysis

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