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HeteroGenius Medical Image Manager

Multi Stain Analysis

Hetero<strong>Genius</strong> Medical Image Manager (hg-MIM)

Multi Stain Analysis

This add on allows for manual and automatic alignment of Virtual Slides with other corresponding Virtual slides of differing stains (i.e. nearby serial sections). This process can be applied to multiple stacks of different stains, as well as pairs of slides. Features include:

  • Manual alignment (inplane rotation/translation) of Virtual sides
  • Automatic rigid and non-rigid alignment (to correct for image warping during sectioning)
  • Visualisation of aligned slides within the HG-MIM pan and zoom viewer (overlay and side-by-side).
  • Conversion of annotations from/to original image frame of reference from/to aligned frame of reference (including imported annotations e.g from Aperio ImageScope).
  • Quantification of aligned regions of multiple aligned stains (e.g Positive Pixel Analysis)