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HeteroGenius Medical Image Manager

Tissue Micro Array (TMA) Analysis

Hetero<strong>Genius</strong> Stereology

Tissue Micro Array Analysis

The HeteroGenius MIM TMA Analysis add-on provides methods for automatically detecting TMA cores in images and automatically labelling these with sample identity information from a 'design file'. Features include:

  • Automatic annotation of cores with manual editing/correcting capability
  • Tagging of sample ID and grid location based on a design file in csv format (easily created with Microsoft Excel etc.)
  • Labelling deals with missing cores and deformed grids.
  • Ability to generate annotations for completely missing cores during labelling (optional).
  • Full integration with MIM analysis including; HG-MIM Colour Add-on, HG-MIM Cell Analysis Add-on, and HG-MIM Deep Learning Add-on
  • Full integration with HG-MIM Pro Stereology system for manual scoring of individual cores.
  • Full integration with HG-MIM Pro report generation system for generating reports exportable to Excel, SPSS, Matlab etc..