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Cell Analysis

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Cell Analysis

The HeteroGenius MIM Cell Analysis add-on provides methods for automatic cell nuclei detection and type recognition for whole slides. As whole slides may contain 100s of thousands (if not millions) of cells, tools for summarisation and visualisation are provided allowing quick visualisation, or detailed anaysis broken down by sub-area, cell type, etc. Features include:

  • Fast and flexible full slide cell detection method.
  • Capable of using a variety of colour cues for foreground separation based on the HG-MIM Colour Add-on (provided)
  • Capable of using convolutional neural networks ("Deep Learning") to detect and identify cells by type.
  • Machine-learning based Method for automatic cell-type recognition based on examples, including methods for fast cell type markup for training.
  • Visual summarisation of results for whole slides, and multiple annotated sub-regions e.g. cell density, elongation, size, separation/clustering.
  • Exportable Statistical summarisation for both whole slide, and annotated sub-regions (compatible with HG-MIM reports generation system).
  • Integration with HG-MIM 3D pathology add-on allowing aligned slides (e.g. stacks) to be visually summarised.